This is my art – I pride myself on creating 100% unique arabic tattoo designs that you will love. My designs have become sought after around the world among discerning tattoo enthusiasts.

I speak, read, and write arabic fluently, which means you are guaranteed accurate translations.

Unlike other tattoo designers, complete rights to the design are transferred to you after final payment. This means you own the rights to your design, and you can have confidence that your tattoo design is 100% unique and not recycled for other customers.


My standard rate is US$80/hour. 


Time requirements vary depending on the number of words and complexity of the design request, but as a general rule:

  • US$80 (1hr) for a single word or phrase (linear)
  • US$160 (2hrs) for a symbol (figural)
  • US$400 (5hrs) for large & complex patterns


All quotes include 3 revisions free of charge.




Using the enquiry form below, do your best to describe your preferred tattoo size, text, position, shape & style (provide links to examples, if possible). Don’t stress if you’re not sure – do your best and I can help with the rest!

I will review the request, and correspond with you to clarify and refine the design request. Once I’m confident with the design scope, I will provide a quote for your approval.

There’s no obligation

to buy. 

On approval of the quote, full payment must be made prior to design work.  I do all designs by hand. Most projects usually take 10 days to complete (including revisions). Extra charges apply for expedited work (24 to 48 hours). 

Once your Custom Tattoo Design is complete and you love it, I will send you your final tattoo in high definition. All yours ! I won’t be using the design ever again and will only post it on social media if you let me. 

Frequently asked questions

My Design services include:

  • Three to five initial draft options to see what directions you like best
  • Multiple revisions of the final draft
  • Files of your final logo
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Full copyrights to your tattoo design

Some tattoo studios will require you to provide a certificate of authenticity to prove ownership and originality. Not every tattoo parlour will ask you for it, but the serious ones definitely will. Artists who create their own work, even if they publish it online, own the rights to their images, so you could be violating copyright law in taking a random design from the internet to use for your tattoo. The certificate of Authenticity proves you own the rights to the artwork, and you can use the images however you want to (you can later, decide to print it on mugs, t-shirts…). You can have confidence that you have a completely original design, and you won’t be breaking the law.

That is absolutely fine. Shoot me a message and I will ask questions to get to know you better. We can work together around names and sentences that mean something to you and design in a way that reflects who you are. Everything is possible.

Some letters work better than others so it can come down to luck (and a little bit of my magic). I will try my best to play with your name but I can’t guarantee I can do the specific animal you have in mind.  Sometimes, when I first calligraphy a name, shapes appear and that’s when it looks the best.

Of course! Most occidental names already have their Arabic translation. If your name is unusual, I will translate it phonetically and let you know how it sounds and we can adjust it together. Some sounds are different in Arabic, or don’t exist, which is why it’s so important we work together so you are happy with how people will pronounce it.

Unfortunately, it can happen. It’s not common but some tattoo artist take pride in their own art and refuse to use someone else’s. However, because most tattoo artists don’t speak or write Arabic, it makes sense for them to use my design and they can also offer to implement my design into a more complex tattoo that they can ‘make their own’. I have worked with multiples studios and they were happy to use my services.

Yes, please send me a photo of the piece you’d like to see covered, and I will work around it.

Coloured designs are not a problem, just send me your request! It will not cost you more if it is coloured. 

I will not create tattoos of a religious nature, as it is forbidden for some religions.  There are however a lot of other options for quotes or names we can work together in designing.